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Today's Birthdays
 Last Name, First NameBirthdayAgeDiedKnown ForCategory
Breyer, Stephen G. 08/15/1938 82 Supreme Court Justices Political Figures
Child, Julia 08/15/1912 (91) 08/13/2004 Other TV Hosts Other Performers
Connors, Mike 08/15/1925 95 Other Actors Actors and Actresses
Lange, Jim 08/15/1932 (81) 02/27/2014 Other Game Show Personalities Other Performers
Marie, Rose 08/15/1925 95 The Dick Van Dyke Show
Hollywood Squares
Actors and Actresses
Other Performers
Matthews, Larry 08/15/1955 65 The Dick Van Dyke Show Actors and Actresses
Priest, Pat 08/15/1936 84 The Munsters Actors and Actresses
Quinn, Colin 08/15/1959 61 Saturday Night Live Actors and Actresses
Schlafly, Phyllis 08/15/1924 96 Social Activists All Other Categories